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22octobre 2013

Visit Paris with a professionnal tourist guide

Revoir Paris et l'Ile de France is  an association of official tourist guides.

Our visits in English, Italian, Spanish, German or Turkish can be walking  or bus tours.
We show you small districts or museums in Paris, castles or monuments in the outskirts.

They can be adapted for  student, senior or handicapped groups

Preparing a group program in Paris ? 

We will share  our professional experience. 

Contact Revoir Paris

21janvier 2013

If you hear the siren when in France

Check that it is 12 o'clock noon, on the first Wednesday of the month

In France the emergency population warning network is called the "Réseau national d'alerte" (RNA). The system is inherited from the air-raid siren network (défense passive) developed before World War II. It consists of about 4,500 electronic or electromechanical sirens placed all over France.

The system is tested each month at noon on the first Wednesday.

Signal National d’Alerte and recorded sound of the siren.

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